Professional staging makes a difference

Staging helps make your house or condo more marketable by creating the most appealing environment to the greatest number of prospective buyers; in essence, helping them visualize owning your home. Far from reflecting a unique style, a staged home should be warm and inviting, but neutral enough to not infringe on a buyer’s own sense of style.

According to Realty Times, properties that are staged, sell for more than comparable properties that have not been staged. Studies show that staged homes sell twice as fast as ones without staging.

The decision to use professional staging is a personal one. There is an expense associated with staging and for some homeowners, this is not an option. There are other considerations as well. For instance you may be selling a real fixer and all the staging in the world won't make a difference. Or your condo is very eclectic and there won't be a staging theme that can tie it all together.

In general buyers love staged homes. A good staging company will add just the right touches to bring the vision of your home to prospective buyers.

Staging Option: If you are going to be living in the home during the sale process and you want staging advice, you can get staging that will mix and match your belongings with a stagers inventory of furniture. They will advise on layout, feng shui, and art.


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