Before Buyers Come to Your Home

  • Make sure you are not at the home when a buyer tours your home. If you are there this will make them uncomfortable and shorten their time in the home. Also, you do not want to give them the opportunity to ask you any questions about the home, or why you are selling etc.

  • Turn all the lights on. Even during the day. This makes the home feel light and bright, and ensures that there are no scarey rooms to try and find the light switch in.

  • Turn on soft easy listening music.

  • Keep the heat at 68 degrees. If the home is vacant, we recommend leaving the heat on so when visitors come in, they don't get that cold feeling.

  • Keep pets in a separate area and clean up after them daily. Clean litter box daily.

  • Put money and other valuables away and out of sight.

  • Keep draperies and shades open.

  • Open all doors inside the home except closets.

  • Do not over spray the home with scented sprays. This is an obvious attempt to cover something up.

  • Empty all the trash cans daily.


We feel so lucky to have found George. When our friends and co-workers found out we were buying our first home, many offered names of other agents they knew and trusted, but we decided right away that George was someone we could trust and stuck with him. And we are very happy we did! I'm not sure the sellers would've accepted our offer if it was anyone else. He was so helpful and knowledgeable - not to mention extremely professional. He never pressured us one way or the other, and he never tried to get us to pay more than we could afford. We love our new house! Thank you so much! ~Zac & Sara, Seattle

George Beasley, Realtor