Powerful Marketing Approach

BeasleyO’Dowd is a top producing real estate team within Windermere. We have a unique approach to selling your home that comes from over 30 years of combined real estate, marketing, and internet experience. We use this experience to create strong visual and emotional desire that is focused on getting buyers into our listings.

We go where the buyers are: ONLINE

Today more than 80% of condo buyers in Seattle use the internet as their primary method of searching for their new home. Make sure your agent can capture the attention of these real estate web surfers. Our website is focused directly on the Seattle market which is most likely how you found us. Because we place ourselves at the top of the major search engines for maximum visibility, buyers find us as well. By featuring your home on the front page of this website you will have the advantage of being seen first and more often by real Seattle buyers plus the advantage of being seen by many relocaters looking online for their Seattle home.

What they will see is a full featured photo gallery that has amazing images that can truly capture the imagination, and show off the the features of your home. By using High Dynamic Range photography, our photo galleries are simply spectacular.

High quality print marketing:

Our in home marketing brochures are the envy of the real estate community. Every home that we market benefits from a custom high quality full color 4 page brochure. This allows us to show many more features of the home in a very visually appealing way. We use only the best in photographic techniques to ensure that your home stands out among the competition. When buyers take a brochure home and compare all the condos that they have seen in their day of touring, your home is surely going to stand out.

We market heavily to buyers agents. We use html email campaigns, color brochures, flyers, full color postcards, to announce your listing to the real estate community so that every agent in your Seattle neighborhood is aware of your home and can see the features of your home prompting them to present your home to their potential buyers.

We target your neighborhood, or building with high quality full color postcards to let neighbors know that your home is available. Often times we see neighbors looking to move up (or downsize) in the area. Also, they may know of someone looking to move into the area.

With the advantage of a high internet presence, amazing imagery, beautiful full color brochures, targeted mailings, and network marketing, your home can be a real stand-out listing.


We feel so lucky to have found George. When our friends and co-workers found out we were buying our first home, many offered names of other agents they knew and trusted, but we decided right away that George was someone we could trust and stuck with him. And we are very happy we did! I'm not sure the sellers would've accepted our offer if it was anyone else. He was so helpful and knowledgeable - not to mention extremely professional. He never pressured us one way or the other, and he never tried to get us to pay more than we could afford. We love our new house! Thank you so much! ~Zac & Sara, Seattle

George Beasley, Realtor