Conquering Google is the key to visibility

Since we've established the fact todays buyer is doing all their searching online, we must ask ourselves where do they start looking. It's very simple - Google. We have partnered with Google to maximize the visibility of your listing. As of December 31, 2007 Google owns a whopping 78% market share of all online searches. So this is where we focus our online energy!

Combining the power of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising you can bet that when we have listings in your building, they will be seen! And often. We invest real marketing dollars to ensure that this website is ranking at or near to top of Google. This ensures that we will be a favored target of online home buyers. This cost us real dollars every minute of every day, but we have seen the results and are a firm believer of online marketing.

You may be thinking "how much is this going to cost me?" . . . nothing! We work within the standard fair market listing percentage that is charged by every major brokerage across the board. The additional services that we offer are value added to your listing, and we are happy to offer it.

Beyond Google there are several other affiliates that we partner with that provide you even more visibility. Trulia, Zillow, and even Craig's list programs to keep your condo in front of the buying public.


We feel so lucky to have found George. When our friends and co-workers found out we were buying our first home, many offered names of other agents they knew and trusted, but we decided right away that George was someone we could trust and stuck with him. And we are very happy we did! I'm not sure the sellers would've accepted our offer if it was anyone else. He was so helpful and knowledgeable - not to mention extremely professional. He never pressured us one way or the other, and he never tried to get us to pay more than we could afford. We love our new house! Thank you so much! ~Zac & Sara, Seattle

George Beasley, Realtor